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Fury Room Chicago

5433 N Lincoln Ave 

Chicago, IL 60625​


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Are you planning a Bachelorette/Bachelore Party, a Birthday Party, a Corporate event? And you want something special and original? Something people will remember?

The Fury Room has what you're looking for! 

Come and Unleash the Fury!


1. Indicate the size of the party

2. Contact Fury Room Chicago to schedule a time slot and discuss catering options


Party Size 5-30
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    We have two rooms for 5 people and one room fitting two people.

    For group up to 10 people, we recommend booking the two large rooms. For larger group, we recommend privitize the premises (no extra cost).  Customers can go in-and-out of the rooms to catch their breath and let others in.

    15-20 min to gear up, 30 min in the room and 15-20 min to gear down and take pictures lead to a 75-90 min event.  More time if F&B is involved, or if the group is larger than 10.

    We do have a partnership with a sushi restaurant and an italian restaurant (premium pizza).  Pizza is about $15 per person and sushi $20 per person, including drinks, tips and tax - Costs vary depending on the precise request.  Outside catering is possible for a $3 per person fee.

    We do not have a liquor license.